How piano letter notes can help you

Hi! In todays article I’ll tell you why you should think about

add letter notes to your learning process (if you are a beginner). There’s a lot of bad opinion about letter notes in the net. (More about it you can read THERE). they told letter notes are for children, if you want to be a musician you should learn only music sheet etc. In my opinion (and many others) they’re wrong! Certainly, if you want to play in a band or something like that, there’s no option to play only from letter notes. but, if you are a beginner, or you play just for fun, there’s no better options for you than our site and other similar to us. Why?

There’s at least 2 main reasons.


Easy tutorial and notes give you a lot of fun.

There’s no more motivational factor in your learning proces, than fun from playing. In old school, you should start from learning theory, thenΒ  yea, it’s good way, but there’s only one, but big problem. You probably stop learning after several hours of such lesson! Because you want to play beautiful songs on piano, not read boring books about playing beautiful songs on piano! IT’S A SMALL DIFFERENCE, but there’s very important difference. In our tutorials, you play your favourite songs in few minutes! The next step is to improve your playing. but if you want play well, you should start play!



It’s free, easy and available for everyone!

Yes! Maybe you tried learn piano from expensive courses, but there’s no effects? We think, that everyone should have chance to learn piano, so in our site it’s completely free. We do Our Best to make our tutorials as easy as it possible – and you should see effect in a few minutes. so, stop reading, start playing!

We reccomend you to start with (for example. full list of our songs you can always find on the left side of site)

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