The fastest way to learn the piano

Have you ever thought how to learn piano quickly?

We lead this website, to make learning the piano as easy as it possible. Maybe you try expensive online course or tutorials, but you don’t see the results? Our site is in the opposite to others, it’s free and give you a lot of content and sklills for FREE.

Learn piano quickly

If you want to learn piano quickly, easy and without learning unnecessary theory like sheets or interval, or everything aboit rhythm, tact, notes et cetera you couldn’t any better. In this site you’ll learn your best song in several minutes, and without a lot of effort. Our idea is that music is for everyone. Because of that, we give you a lot of content -> tutorial, letter notes, and tips and everything you need for free.

Why old school isn’t effective?

because they assume that you should learn a lot of theory first. We don’t think that way. And bacause of that, we make learning the piano attainable for everyone -> without unnecesary theory. In our opinion, you should just sit on your ass and play! Like we said in other articles, If you want to play the piano well, you sholud playing, not learning about playing!

In the net there’s a few sites with letter notes, but there’s not as easy as we assume. Althought we suppose that we can read piano letter notes, and then play our favourite song, realite looks different. There’s also a lot of unnecessary things and other stupid issue. We reinvent letter notes.

The worst thing in this way to learning the piano was problems with octaves, because in letter notes we use only letters, like C D E F G A B C -> but you don’t know in which octave there are. We invent new method. It’s very simply and obvious for us, but nobody before us don’t use that. We develeop a colorful letter notes. In every octave (like you see int the top of the page) the notes have different color, co you can distinguish each octave.

It cause, that we eliminate the most important disadbantage in letter notes, and now you can learn piano without unnsecessary effert.

Enjoy πŸ™‚