Basics of Learning to Play the Piano with “Press the Right Colors”

Key labelling

In this book, every key is labelled with a dot in a specific color. They are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and purple.

To visualize this, look at the picture below:

Description of the entire keyboard:

The above pattern is repeated several times on your instrument’s keyboard. In order not to mistake the keys, there are arrows in the middle of the dots to show their position on the keyboard.
On the left side of the keyboard, dots on keys have an arrow facing left. In the very center of the keyboard, dots do not have any arrows. On the right side of the keyboard, dots on keys have an arrow facing right.

As in the drawing:

How do I get started?

First, cut out key labels and place them on every key.Β 

To start playing, choose a song. You’ll see a list of colorful dots. Press the keys one by one with specific dots. This way you play a song! You need to take care of the proper rhythm as well.

In order to make playing easier for you, we have prepared videos for every song, where you’ll see how to play them properly.Β 

How to Set up Cut-Outs

Place the cut-outs on your keyboard as…