La Cucaracha – easy letter notes for keyboard

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In this song we used chords (to play with the left hand). If you do not know how to play chords yet, you can try playing this melody with your right hand only, or learn how to play chords. We described it here: How to make chords?

About song and easy letter notes

Discover the vibrant rhythms and rich history behind the iconic song “La Cucaracha” with our easy-to-follow letter notes for keyboard. This traditional Mexican folk song, whose origins are somewhat of a mystery, dates back to the early 20th century and has been a staple in cultural celebrations, protests, and even revolutions. The lyrics of “La Cucaracha” are as varied as its history, with verses often changing to reflect political climates or social commentary, though the chorus humorously laments a cockroach unable to walk. This song’s adaptability and catchy melody make it an enduring favorite across generations.

“La Cucaracha” is not just a song; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has been adapted and adopted by various artists worldwide, making it an excellent choice for beginners wanting to dive into the world of music through our piano book for beginners. Our piano learning book for adults and kids makes it incredibly simple to start playing this classic tune immediately with our keyboard stickers and letter notation system. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or picking up an instrument for the first time, “La Cucaracha” offers a fun and engaging way to learn piano basics, practice piano exercises for beginners, and explore the rich tapestry of musical history. From its compelling origins to its lively beat that encourages everyone to sing along, this song is a fantastic gateway into the broader world of music and culture, making it a must-learn for anyone using our easy piano songbook or keyboard songbook for beginners.

La Cucaracha letter notes tutorial
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Some of the notes on our website contain the full version of the song, and some are excerpts, or for example the very beginning, chorus or verse, etc. Full versions of all the notes can be found in our books and e-books: SHOP.

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