keyboard notes: The Weeknd – Starboy

Learning pop songs on the piano made easy with letter notes!

The Weeknd became popular around 2010 when he uploaded a couple of his songs to YouTube. After getting discovered, the songs were remastered and rereleased on the compilation album “Trilogy”. The Canadian singer, songwriter and producer has released the “Starboy’ album in 2016.




We’re going to learn the song of the same title, which features a piano part. Just follow our letter notes and you’ll be just fine! You have to admit, there’s something magical about Weeknd’s music. It’s very dark and romantic, yet poppy and melodic at the same time. Features like these make a perfect song for beginner piano players to learn. And with the learning aids we provide, you’ll be able to learn “Starboy” in a blink of an eye! We offer three powerful tools in the piano learning process to help anyone achieve their piano goals! First of them are the stickers that will help you learn the keyboard.

GΒ (B /Β D)Β E
G (BΒ /Β D) E
Β G BΒ (E /Β G)

Fastest way to learn pop songs on keyboard instruments.

No longer look for the right note, they will be right at your fingertips. You can find the stickers at the right-hand side on our website. Second and the most important thing are the letter notes we prepare for each song. They indicate which keys to play and their color indicates the right octave. The last but not least are the videos, that show you how to perform the song. You can slow them down to practice at a slower pace. With all that combined, you’ll learn your favorite songs in no time!