Iphone ringtone – easy piano song

The iPhone Ringtone is probably one of the most recognizable mobile phone ringtone ever.


The ringtone’s ear-catching melody, originally played on a marimba, is pretty easy and you can definitely learn to play it on the piano. Learning this melody with our letter notes will help you with your playing speed and precision.


Easy keyboard tutorial.

If you want to troll some people, try playing this on an actual marimba. I guarantee there will be at least one person reaching for his pocket! If you want to learn more simple keyboard songs, check our “Shooting Stars” and “Despacito” tutorial. If you search “iPhone Ringtone” on YouTube you will find some remixes and some interesting rearrangements of this Apple phone theme. Check them out to see what you can do with the melody!


C A# G C

F C A# C F

G G A# C C A# G C F C A# C F

G G A# C C A# G C F C A# C F

G G A# C C A# G C F C A# C F