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In this song we used chords (to play with the left hand). If you do not know how to play chords yet, you can try playing this melody with your right hand only, or learn how to play chords. We described it here: How to make chords?

About song and easy letter notes

Embarking on the journey of learning to play the piano or keyboard can be a thrilling adventure, especially when you start with pieces that resonate with history and emotion. One such piece that stands as a cornerstone in the world of classical music is the “Triumphal March” from Verdi’s opera, Aida. Composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1871 for the opera’s premiere in Cairo, this piece captures the essence of victory and celebration through its majestic and powerful melody. The “Triumphal March” is an instrumental piece, so while it lacks lyrics, it more than makes up for this with its grandeur and ability to evoke strong emotions. This piece is a fantastic choice for beginners, especially those utilizing the piano book for beginners or the keyboard songbook for beginners, as it introduces players to the richness of classical music without the immediate need for mastering traditional note reading.

Verdi’s Aida, set in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, is renowned for its compelling story of love and betrayal, making the “Triumphal March” a piece with deep cultural and historical associations. Learning to play this piece with the help of letter notes, keyboard stickers, and letter notation makes the experience accessible and enjoyable, even for those with no prior music knowledge. This method, highlighted in our easy piano songbook and piano songbook with letters, allows beginners of all ages, from kids to adults, to immediately engage with music making. The “Triumphal March” from Aida is not just about learning to play a song; it’s about connecting with a piece of music that has been celebrated for over a century, making it an enriching addition to any piano practice book or piano lessons for beginners. Whether you’re using a piano learning book for adults or a piano songbook for kids, this piece offers a glimpse into the grand operatic traditions and the timeless appeal of Verdi’s compositions.

Triumphal March from Aida letter notes piano
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Some of the notes on our website contain the full version of the song, and some are excerpts, or for example the very beginning, chorus or verse, etc. Full versions of all the notes can be found in our books and e-books: SHOP.

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