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This is the Day – Piano son - how to play on the piano?

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I used it in this song2 chords. In the pictures below, I have marked which keys you need to press to play each of them.

Chord C
Chord G

About the song and about the book series β€œpress the right colors”. You can find the notes below the description.

Dive into the enchanting world of piano music with “This is the Day,” a piece that stands out in our easy piano songbook, specially designed for those embarking on their musical journey. Whether you’re a beginner adult, a child eager to explore the myriad sounds of the piano, or simply someone looking to add a fun, musical twist to your day, this song offers an accessible pathway to learning and enjoyment. Composed in the mid-19th century, “This is the Day” carries with it the timeless charm and simplicity that appeal to piano players of all ages. Its melody is straightforward yet captivating, making it an ideal selection for those utilizing our piano learning book for adults and kids alike.

Our unique approach, focusing on play by color and employing keyboard stickers, transforms the learning experience into an interactive, engaging activity. This method, highlighted in our piano book for beginners, allows you to bypass the traditional hurdles of note reading, instead inviting you to dive straight into playing. “This is the Day” is not just a song; it’s an invitation to explore the cultural richness of piano music. With lyrics that inspire and uplift, its message resonates across generations, making it a perfect choice for your first foray into piano practice. As you place your fingers on the keys, marked with our color notes sheet music, you’ll not only be learning to play a beautiful piece but also connecting with a piece of musical history. So, let “This is the Day” be the start of your musical adventure, guided by our piano songbook with colors, and discover the joy and satisfaction that playing the piano can bring.

This is the Day Piano songs
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