The Friendly Beasts easy song for kalimba


About the song and about tablature. You can find tablatures below the description.

“The Friendly Beasts” is a traditional Christmas carol that encapsulates the spirit of the holiday season through its charming and heartwarming narrative. Originally titled “The Friendly Beasts: An Old English Christmas Carol,” the song is believed to have French origins, dating back to the 12th century, though it gained popularity in English-speaking countries in the later years. The lyrics personify the animals present at the birth of Jesus, each verse sung by a different animal, such as the donkey, cow, sheep, and dove, explaining their own contribution to the comfort of the newborn Christ. This folk carol’s simplicity and the message of kindness and service make it an enduring piece for holiday gatherings, evoking a sense of warmth and communal spirit.

For those eager to delve into the world of musical instruments without the intimidation of complex music theory, “The Friendly Beasts” presented in our kalimba book for beginners is an excellent starting point. Our kalimba learning book makes it incredibly easy to learn and play this song with number notes sheet music that’s straightforward and accessible. Whether you’re a novice looking to pick up a new hobby or a parent seeking a kalimba book for kids, this song, with its easy kalimba songbook notation, provides a delightful way to engage with music. The kalimba’s melodic tones beautifully complement the song’s narrative, offering a unique way to experience and share this classic carol. Playing “The Friendly Beasts” on the kalimba not only introduces learners of all ages to the joys of music but also connects them to a piece of Christmas folklore that has been cherished for centuries.

The Friendly Beasts kalimba
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