Rain Rain Go Away – harmonica tabs from the book


About the song and tablature. You can find tablatures below the description.

Diving into the world of harmonica playing can be an exhilarating journey, especially when you start with familiar tunes that carry a piece of childhood nostalgia. “Rain Rain Go Away” is one such song that resonates with many, evoking memories of rainy days and playful chants for clearer skies. Originating as a popular English nursery rhyme, its exact origins and composer remain shrouded in mystery, with versions of the song dating back to the 17th century. The simplicity of its lyrics, wishing for the rain to stop, allows even the youngest of players to connect with its message, making it an ideal piece for harmonica beginners of all ages.

Leveraging harmonica number notes, the song becomes accessible to anyone eager to learn, without the prerequisite of reading traditional music notation. This approach, detailed in our harmonica book for beginners, transforms “Rain Rain Go Away” into an easy-to-learn tune, using number notation that guides you through each note with clarity. The harmonica songbook with numbers not only simplifies the learning process but also enriches the learner’s experience by making music instantly gratifying. Whether you’re a child venturing into your first musical instrument or an adult rekindling a childhood curiosity, this song, with its catchy melody and universal appeal, serves as a gentle yet engaging introduction to the world of harmonica. Delve into the harmonica learning book for adults and kids alike, and let “Rain Rain Go Away” mark the beginning of your musical adventure, creating a bridge between simple number notes sheet music and the joyous world of harmonica melodies.

Rain Rain Go Away tabs
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