I play piano. Should I learn music theory?

A lot of people and experts says,

that you should learn theory of music, to play well. Theory allows you to understand music, sheets and a lot of difficult concept. It’s necessary to know how play well on piano keyboard… but it’s NOT TRUE.

Let’s remind ourselves, what were the beginning of music. MUSIC WAS FIRST. Music appear before theory, and music is more important than learning about music. It’s similar to learning languages. Old school of learning language is direct to gain knowledge about principles, tenses, syntax etc. but know, we know how our mind works – we should practise, not spend time to learnd about theory – the same rules prevail in learning piano.

To make the process of learning piano as easy as it can be, we make this site. The most important part for you ( if you are a beginner ) is letter notes. Why it is such important? Because after watching our tutorials you’ll play in orchestra or in professional club? NO. It’s because letter notes is the best beginning to learn piano. It gives you fun, and increase your motivation, contrary to boring theory – it gives you a lot of frustration.