piano keyboard sheets – Propuesta Indecente

Latin pop music made easy with letter notes.

The last couple of years have shown a significant rise of Latin music. Remember Enrique Iglesias or Ricky Martin? It’s amazing how history comes full circle even in music! Today we’ll get to meet Mr. Romeo Santos, who has been musically active since 1997. His song “Propuesta Indecente” is a hit song from 2013 and carries the Latin vibe very beautifully. If you want to learn playing this song on and keyboard instrument, just follow our letter notes.



“Propuesta Indecente” is a beautiful pop song, which has something uncommon. It has a lot of live instruments instead of synthesizers and synthetic drum beat. The composition is very good but also quite tricky. However, if you are motivated enough, you will learn it in a blink of an eye. With Easy Letter Notes, you’ll be able to speed up your learning process.

Easy tutorial for beginner keyboard and piano players.

F# F# F#
F# F# D C# C# B B F# F# G G G
F# F# G F#
F# F# DΒ C# C# BΒ B F# F# G A
E E F# G G GΒ B B BΒ D D DΒ F# F# F# F#Β E
A A D F# E D D BΒ D F# E D DΒ A A D F# E D E E

Thanks to the learning methods we’ve developed, you should not have any difficulties. First of all, grab a set of our stickers and put them on your keys for faster reaction while playing. Then try to playing the right letter notes from the letter note sheet we’ve prepared. Remember to play in correct octaves. Different colors indicate different octaves but that’s something you will get in a second. Last but not least is an instructional video we provide for every lesson. It shows you how to perform the song and master the rhythm. You can practice along to it and slow it down if it’s too hard.