Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be play the piano without sheet music


About the song and numbered notes. You can find the notes below the description.

Diving into the melodic world of traditional songs, “Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?” stands out as a timeless piece that has charmed audiences for centuries. Composed in England during the 18th century, this folk song captures the essence of waiting and longing, wrapped in a melody that’s both engaging and easy to learn. The lyrics narrate the story of a woman waiting for her beloved, who is delayed in returning with gifts promised to her. It’s a narrative that has resonated through generations, making it a perfect song for those embarking on their musical journey. With its simple, catchy tune and narrative-driven lyrics, this song is an ideal choice for piano book for beginners, offering a delightful blend of storytelling and melody that can captivate both children and adults alike.

Using the play by number method, learning to play “Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?” on the piano or keyboard has never been more accessible. The number notes and keyboard stickers provided in our piano songbook with numbers transform this historical piece into an easy-to-learn exercise that doesn’t require prior knowledge of traditional music notation. This approach not only makes piano lessons for beginners more engaging but also allows learners to feel the joy of playing a full song right from the start. Whether you’re looking for an easy piano songbook, a keyboard songbook for beginners, or piano exercises for beginners, this song, with its rich cultural heritage and enchanting melody, offers a wonderful starting point. Its universal theme of waiting and hope, combined with the historical context and easy-to-follow number notes sheet music, ensures that learners of all ages can appreciate and enjoy the process of learning to play the piano.

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