Megalovania (Undertale) – how to play keyboards

Easiest way to play computer game music on a piano.

Undertale is an indie game released in 2015, which became very successful. Made entirely by one man – Toby Fox, who also composed the music for it. “Megalovania”, also known as “Sans’ theme” became very popular and ultimately a meme song. In today’s lesson, we’re going to teach you how to play it on a piano or just any keyboard instrument.


It might seem a little difficult at first, but trust me – after a fair amount of practice, you’ll do just great! All you have to do is read the letter notes and play corresponding keys. To make this lesson even easier, make sure to see our instructional video as well! If you want to learn more meme songs on a piano, check our other tutorials. We also have “Shooting Stars” tutorial and many more!
D D D A G# G F D F G
C C D A G# G F D F G
B B D A G# G F D F G
A# A# D A G# G F D F G

How to learn playing Megalovania on a piano.

When Undertale came out, I immediately bought the game and played it in amazement. As an indie game fan I just couldn’t skip this one. The game was almost entirely made by a single person and has some interesting mechanics and music. “Megalovania” is a song from the Undertale soundtrack. It’s the musical theme of character called “Sans”. The melody made me want to learn “Megalovania” but I couldn’t find any piano notes. That’s why I decided to transcribe the song by ear and now I’m sharing my piano notes with you.

Keyboard notes for megalovania

Turns out, that despite its’ quick tempo, “Megalovania” is not that hard to play at all. Besides, you don’t have to play the song in its original tempo from Undertale. With these megalovania piano notas you’ll easily learn the Sans theme. I’ve carefully transcribed them to help others learn this song in the easiest way possible. The piano notes represent the keys you play in Undertale’s Megalovania. Practice the pattern over and over again to master “Megalovania”.

easier version of traditional sheet music

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to play Megalovania on a piano or keyboard. I’ll show you which piano keys to play. The piano notes in this tutorial is an easier version of traditional sheet music, which takes a lot of time to learn. This version will take a few minutes and will get you started on your piano learning journey. Make sure to revisit our website as soon as possible for consistent piano practice and more piano notes tutorials.