Lesson 2 – Choosing the right piano keyboard.

Beginner’s guide to keyboards!

Choosing the right keyboard is probably the first thing you want to consider before starting to learn playing it. Of course, there are TONS of different keyboards, brands and models but there is actually a few that you should check out. Especially, if don’t want to spend too much money on your first buy. All of them are in $100-150 price range and have a headphone output for silent practice.

Below, I’ve put together a list of a few keyboards that are worth buying.

1. Casio CTK 1500

Casio has always been one of the leading brands in the piano industry. Their products are worth the price. CTK 1500 features 61 full size keys (5 octaves), 120 tones (natural and synthy), 70 rhytm patterns, 100 built-in songs.

2. Axus AXP25

Axus offers the AXP25 model, which has 100 built-in songs to learn, 61 keys, 300 high quality voices and the record function! This one is very good for beginners because you can record yourself playing, and the listen and pick up the mistakes you’re making.

3.Β Yamaha PSRF51

Yamaha is one of the oldest and most solid brands in the music business. Their musical instruments and equipment is used by professionals but they also offer products for beginners. One of them is the Yamaha PSRF51. Again, 61 key keyboard, 120 sounds to pick from and 114 backing tracks. PSRF51 also features dual voices, meaning you can play two instruments simultaneously (e.g. piano and strings).

4. Yamaha YPT240

This model is a bit pricier than PSRF51, but with that comes more options.

YPT240 features multiple effects like reverb, chorus and master EQ. This function is especially useful if you’re planning to play live on stage. Some other features is an USB output to connect the keyboard with your computer and the “Ultra Wide Stereo” for a much nicer sound.

5. Casio CTK2300

This Casio model features a huge amount of 400 high quality sounds and 150 rhythms to play along to. It has USB output, so you can connect it to your computer and record your playing.

What’s really cool about CTK2300 is its sampling function, that allows you to record a snippet of sound from your audio player or other device, and play the recorded sound on your keyboard!

To sum it all up – there’s quite a few decent keyboards in the $100-150 price range and you have to choose yourself, which one suits you the most. Although we can’t really recommend you the one and only keyboard, that will be the best for you, we highly recommend looking up the aforementioned keyboards on YouTube to see how they sound. Remember, that 61 keys is somewhat a standard – less will only cause difficulties during learning. However, if you have enough room and money, you can always go for bigger keyboards that have 88 keys. Don’t overanalyze, just pick the one with features you’re going to need and go for it.

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