Go tell it on the mountain how to play the kalimba

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“Go Tell It on the Mountain” is a song that transcends merely being a melody; it’s a piece rich in history, culture, and emotion, making it a fascinating selection for those diving into the world of kalimba music. Originating as an African-American spiritual, this song has been sung to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ for over a century. Its exact origins are somewhat nebulous, as is common with folk songs, but it was first compiled and published by John Wesley Work Jr., an African American composer and scholar, in 1907. The song’s lyrics convey a powerful message of liberation and joy, themes that resonated deeply within the African American community, especially during the era of slavery in the United States.

Learning to play “Go Tell It on the Mountain” on the kalimba presents a unique opportunity not just to explore its compelling melody but to connect with a significant piece of American history. The number notation system, detailed in our kalimba learning book for adults and kids alike, makes it accessible for beginners of all ages. This particular song, with its straightforward yet expressive melody, is perfect for those just starting their kalimba journey. The number notes sheet music simplifies the learning process, allowing players to focus on the emotional depth and historical context of the song rather than getting bogged down by traditional music notation. Whether you’re interested in spirituals, looking to delve into the rich tapestry of African American music, or simply seeking a beautiful song to add to your repertoire, “Go Tell It on the Mountain” offers a deeply rewarding experience for kalimba players. This song is not just a melody; it’s a bridge to the past, an exploration of culture, and a celebration of freedom, all of which make it a must-learn for anyone with a kalimba songbook.

Go tell it on the mountain kalimba
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