Download the piano letter notes for two hands

I’ll also send you the recordings and tips for free.

For starters, I will send you 15 songs with Piano Letter Notes for two hands. I’ll show you how you can start playing right away!

Over the next few days, I will also send you more free resources every day and some tips you need to know to learn to play piano!

If you practice an hour or two in total, you’ll be playing two-handed, even if you’re starting from scratch!

I encourage you to try, everything is completely free,
I wish you success in learning to play the piano!
Luke Sendecki

How does it look in practise?

You can start to play with your right hand only, then join it with the single sounds by using your left hand. When you get good with that – you’ll start to play chords with the left hand. Listen to songs that were played from our Piano Letter Notes.

Our Letter Notes make playing the keyboard accessible to everyone, regardless of innate talent or age.

Check the examples of Letter Notes

These are the example Piano Letter Notes that you will find in the set:

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