Come Thou Long Expected Jesus – kalimba tabs from the book


About the song and about tablature. You can find tablatures below the description.

“Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” is a timeless hymn that resonates deeply with listeners and players alike, making it a perfect selection for those delving into the kalimba’s enchanting tones. Composed by Charles Wesley in 1744, this hymn captures the essence of Advent and the fervent anticipation of Jesus’ birth. Its lyrics express a profound longing for liberation and peace, themes that are universally relatable and have ensured the song’s enduring popularity. The hymn’s melody, attributed to Rowland Hugh Prichard in 1830, is beautifully simple yet profoundly moving, making it an ideal piece for kalimba enthusiasts of all levels to explore. Whether you are a beginner looking to embark on your musical journey or someone seeking to deepen your practice, “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” offers a rich, soul-stirring experience through its elegant composition.

For those aspiring to play the kalimba, this hymn is a splendid starting point, thanks to its melodious harmony that is both captivating and accessible. The kalimba book for beginners provides number notes sheet music, allowing players to easily grasp the song’s essence without the need for traditional musical notation knowledge. This method of learning to play the kalimba using number notes makes the instrument approachable for everyone, from kids to adults. The kalimba songbook with number notation simplifies the learning process, enabling enthusiasts to play this beloved hymn and feel the connection to its rich history and emotional depth. “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” is not just a piece of music; it’s a cultural treasure that transcends time, offering a piece of history, spirituality, and artistry through the kalimba’s soothing tones. Whether you’re seeking a reflective solo piece or a meaningful addition to your holiday repertoire, this hymn in our kalimba songbook for kids and adults alike provides an enriching and fulfilling musical experience.

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus kalimba
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