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About the song and about the book series β€œpress the right colors”. You can find the notes below the description.

“Alice the Camel” is one of those timeless tunes that has charmed audiences for generations, making it a fantastic choice for those embarking on their musical journey with a piano or keyboard. This song, often used in preschools and kindergartens around the world, is not only a fun way to engage kids in learning basic counting but also serves as an excellent piece for piano beginners of all ages to dive into the world of music. The origins of “Alice the Camel” are a bit of a mystery, contributing to its magical allure. This traditional children’s song, with its simple yet catchy melody, is believed to have been composed to help teach children counting in a fun and engaging way. Its lyrics are both amusing and educational, making it a perfect fit for a piano book for kids, as well as a piano learning book for adults who are young at heart.

The structure of “Alice the Camel” involves a decreasing number of humps Alice has, leading to the humorous revelation that Alice is not a camel at all! This playful twist not only captivates the imagination but also keeps learners engaged as they practice. Using color notes sheet music from the easy piano songbook, players can quickly learn to play this song by pressing the keys with the corresponding colored stickers, making it an ideal piece for piano lessons for beginners. The song’s wide appeal and simplicity make it a stellar choice for anyone looking to learn piano, regardless of age. With the help of keyboard stickers and color-coded music, “Alice the Camel” becomes more than just a song; it’s an accessible introduction to the joy of making music. Whether you’re a parent seeking a piano book for kids, or an adult looking for a fun and straightforward way to start your musical journey, this song, featured in our piano songbook with colors, offers an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Its cultural associations with childhood education and its role in teaching basic musical concepts and coordination through piano exercises for beginners make “Alice the Camel” a must-have in your repertoire.

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