500 miles away from home – kalimba tabs from the book


About the song and about tablature. You can find tablatures below the description.

Discover the heartwarming melodies of “500 Miles Away from Home” through the unique touch of kalimba strings, making it an enchanting journey for beginners and seasoned players alike. This timeless classic, composed by Hedy West and further popularized by Bobby Bare in 1963, encapsulates the profound feelings of homesickness and longing to return to loved ones. Its lyrics resonate deeply with anyone who has ever found themselves far from home, weaving a narrative that is both personal and universally understood. This folk song, with its simple yet evocative melody, has been covered by numerous artists over the years, each bringing their own flavor while retaining its soul-stirring essence. Learning to play “500 Miles Away from Home” on the kalimba, with its number notation system, invites musicians of all levels to explore the depth of emotions embedded in the song’s storyline, making it an ideal piece for a kalimba book for beginners.

The kalimba, with its gentle, plucked notes, adds a layer of intimacy to “500 Miles Away from Home,” transforming the song into an introspective experience. The use of number notes sheet music in our kalimba learning book for adults, kids, and beginners allows anyone to embark on this musical voyage, regardless of their prior knowledge of music theory. Whether you’re drawn to the song for its cultural significance, its historical roots in the American folk music tradition, or the way it beautifully conveys the universal experience of longing for home, playing it on the kalimba offers a fresh perspective and a deeply personal connection to the music. Our kalimba songbook, which includes “500 Miles Away from Home,” is designed to make learning accessible and enjoyable, with kalimba exercises for beginners that enhance your skills step by step. Dive into the enriching world of kalimba music with this classic song, and let its melody take you on a journey back to the places and people that are closest to your heart.

500 miles away from home kalimba
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