4 things you should know about playing the piano

1. How to sit when you’re playing on piano keyboard.

You may think, there’s nothing simplier than sitting on chair when you play. but it’s not true. The way of sitting is very important in learning the piano. Your move must be natural and easy. So, what you should do to sit properly?
– the most important thing -> You have to sit in the middle of keyboard.
– second thing -> your distance to keyboard should be optimal. to reach such distans the angle of your hands should by about 110 degrees.

2. motivation to learn piano
It’s the most important thing to develop your skills. Unfortunelly, people tend to stop learning proces not from real causes like lack of time or something like that. The most popular bad thing in playing piano is end of motivation to learn. So, to make learning easier, we make a colorfull letter notes for beginners. It allows you to learn your best songs in a few minutes, without a lot of work and practise. It’s very good for beginners, because you see the effect right now, and it give you a lot of energy to further work and practise piano music. So, the piano letter notes, and tutorials from series “how to play” is the best option, when you feel boring, and you don;t have energy to continue work.

3. choose right instrument.
your piano is very important thing in learning process. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, but should have some options, like:
dynamic keyboard – it’s necessary for good learning, and for create proper habits in piano.
minimum five octaves – if you really want to play beatiful, you need to have unless five octaves. A lot of songs use 5 octaves, so, you should have proper keyboard.

4. Connect right and left hand
When you play song from our letter notes for piano, and you are a beginner in this activity, it’s likely to forget about left hand – but left hand is also a very important thing in playing keyboard. So, your left hand should be use to create accompaniament and make your music more complete.